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Digest Bars

Digest Bars
Off-road drop bars

The Digest bars offer a multitude of hand positions and its' significantly flared width provides enhanced steering control in extreme conditions.

The 23.8mm main tube diameter fits with road standard levers clamps - and allows either STi type shifters or bar-end shifter compatibility.

Multiple, ergonomic hand positions.
Butted, heat treated 7050 aluminium alloy.
Durable shot peened and anodised finish.
Road standard 23.8mm main bar diameter.
Control cable groove indents.
23.8mm tube with 31.8mm stem clamp bulge.
21 degree flare angle.
76mm reach, 110mm drop.
44 or 48cm widths.
Widths are measured at the nominal lever clamp area.
(the extended flare adds 140mm to the overall).
Weight: 275g (44cm).
Colour: Black anodised with laser logos.

Description Colour Size Wt(g) PrtNo RRP Pack Units Pic
Digest Road Bar, Super wide flared end road shape, 7075 Alloy, 31.8mm Black 440mm 275 HBGED44K £39.99 Pair click for larger image
Digest Road Bar, Super wide flared end road shape, 7075 Alloy, 31.8mm Black 480mm 0 HBGED48K £39.99 Pair click for larger image

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