Fender Chain Tug

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Chain tensioners with M5 mudguard mount

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Weight: 50g


Product Description

Our clever tensioners with integrated M5 mudguard mounting points.

The simplicity of a horizontal dropout and low maintenance of fixed wheel or single speed is great, but it does have it issues when it comes to mounting mudguards. We designed these smart little gadgets to enable people with track dropouts to use mudguards. This classic 2 bolt chain tensioner means you can get the correct tension on your chain and then when the winter wet weather comes in, it makes it easy to fit mudguards with the M5 threaded hole built into the tensioner. A simple and function design with a hard wearing anodised black finish.

    • Lightweight forged Alloy with M5 Mudguard mount and twin Stainless Steel adjusting bolts & locknuts.
    • 2 SS Adjusting
    • Bolts & locknuts