Switch Pedals

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Dual sided SPD type clipless/cage pedals

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Product Description

The Switch Pedal offers the option for use with clipless style cycling shoes or regular flat shoes. This makes these pedals ideal for sport or day to day riding.

Genetic Switch pedals are balanced so that the regular alloy cage face will usually present itself first, making a quick get-away problem-free with or without clipless footwear. It can then easily be flipped over once riding to gain the full benefits of a clipless system.

Clipless pedal systems require specific ‘clipless compatible shoes to be worn that accept the pedal cleats into the soles, many types of shoes are available from bicycle shops.

The Genetic Switch uses the popular SPD compatible clipless cleat system with a knee joint-friendly 4 degrees of lateral float when clipped in.

The clipless system also includes an adjustable tension foot release, enabling the user to set the correct tension for their needs.

Shoe cleats and optional safety reflectors are included.


Additional Information

Weight 360 g





15mm pedal spanner or 6mm Hex key


Forged Alloy


sealed bearings


93.5 x 66 x 28.5mm


9/16" thread



Cleat System

SPD compatible, 98A (MTB type) - steel

Cleat Float

4 degrees of lateral float

Cleat release

Adjustable spring tension